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Of late, old friends of the family had seen to it that he had whereof to eat and a place to sleep -- but whiskey they would not buy for him, and he must have whiskey.I had to send him up for moonshining, once, several years ago, in spite of the fact that I believed him irresponsible.

Every rock he passed, every tree, every foot of the rocky way, was familiar to him.From the internationally bestselling, Pulitzer Prize—winning author, a superbly crafted new work of fiction: eight stories that take us from Cambridge and Seattle to India and Thailand.He toppled so slowly to the left that Coltrane had time to urge his horse to that side, and catch him with one arm.Stephen King reads three of his classic short stories including 1408, now a feature film.Download or stream A Blackjack Bargainer by O. Henry. Get 50% off this audiobook at the AudiobooksNow online audio book store and download or stream it right to your.


It was when he came opposite the little family burying ground that he saw what he had been looking for -- a puff of white smoke, coming from the thick cedars in one corner.The squirrel hunter slouched out of the door to his carryall.

The incomparable Alice Munros bestselling and rapturously acclaimed Runaway is a book of extraordinary stories about women of all ages and circumstancesand about love and its infinite betrayals and surprises.To speak of his feud to a feudist is a serious breach of the mountain etiquette.Get this from a library! A Blackjack bargainer. [William Wadsworth; Franklin Hall; Russell Simpson; Carlotta Carlton; Jessie Stevens; O Henry; Thomas A. Edison, Inc.Happily he missed, and the unconscious agents of good luck drew nearer, disclosing their innocence of anything resembling law or justice.Coltrane left him in his mood, relying upon the influence of changed surroundings to restore his equilibrium.The squirrel hunter straightened a leg half across the room, drew a roll of bills from his pocket, and threw them on the table.Full text of "The ransom of Red Chief and other O. Henry stories [microform]" See other formats...

Presently Goree sat up -- a most forlorn object, his summer suit of flax soiled and crumpled, his discreditable head tousled and unsteady.The little white houses of Laurel shone through the trees, half a mile away.They know that I am going to bring you home with me, and you will find them as ready with a welcome as they were in the old days.A blackjack bargainer. Large selection of hargraves; the frank a blind mans holiday. Find a against the caballeros way the.

Coltrane brought a pitcher of the cool water, and held it for him to drink.They had neither dog nor children to mitigate the heavy silence of the hills.The little white patch he saw away up on the side of Blackjack was Laurel, the village near which he had been born and bred.At a rustle of their branches, both Goree and Coltrane glanced up, and saw a long, yellow, wolfish face above the fence, staring at them with pale, unwinking eyes.

He and Coltrane were nearly the same size -- rather tall, portly, and erect.

Bethel received the surprise of its existence that afternoon when a Coltrane and a Goree rode amicably together through the town.While he was climbing over the wheel Goree was collecting, with feverish celerity, the money that had fallen from his hand to the floor.As the vehicle slowly turned about, the sheep, with a coat of newly grown wool, was hurrying, in indecent haste, along the path to the court-house.

On the back seat was a lady who triumphed over the June heat.I want you to ride about ten feet in the rear as we go by, Colonel, so that they can get a good look at me.From the open back door of the office a well-worn path meandered across the grassy lot to the court-house.

The Blackjack Bargainer Number of Teams. Press F11 for full-screen mode. Correct Response Continue.The prodigal had brushed and washed and combed himself to a more decent figure, but he was unsteady in the saddle, and he seemed to be deep in the contemplation of some vexing problem.