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It is highly unlikely to be the problem and i dont suggest doing it but i do remember a machine that had problems with a newer bios update was a long time ago tho. and i would hope they test as many configurations as possible when updating bios software but some things can be missed.I was told to send the motherboard back by where I purchased it from after the steps I was provided, they never gave me these instructions and its not listed anywhere to my knowledge.E7246 Sabertooth Z77. Expansion Slots 2 x PCI Express 3.0*/2.0 x16 slots. BIOS Flashback is not working properly due to improper USB fash drive connection.

Subscribe To Our Newsletter Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our website.I got a USB 3.0 PCI-E card for the Rift and it still says the USB ports may not be. A PCIe card will likely work. have USB 3.0 by Z77 chipset. Will this work?.ASUS Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard. By. Rafael Coelho -. PCI Express 3.0 x16: 4. There are also plastic covers for the expansion and memory slots to protect them.

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Try and change this and see if it appears on the top one. it might be turned off in auto mode.ASRock 990FX Extreme 4 Motherboard Review. by Dolk on. – 3 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots. some of my DVD/CD software either malfunctions or does not work at.Buy ASUS TUF SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK 2 LGA1150. with 19 PCIe Slots and. I told the tech at ASUS and it seems that I bought myself a motherboard that may not work.So if your device is not working on some slot. try re-installing the driver.

Only received it yesterday, or is there some new feature with these new UEFI bioses to disable slots.Asus Z77 Sabertooth - DIMM slots A2 and B1 stopped working; Hello, welcome to ASUS Republic of Gamers Official Forum. DIMM slots A2 and B1 stopped working.I just got mine working by re-installing the sound card driver.

Both the reseller and Asus online support never provided this information.

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Asus SABERTOOTH Z77 I7 3820 Thanks Jeremy. Motherboard and CPU compatability (need reply ASAP ). If I used these together would the pc just not work?.

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Do give me another shout if this still does not fix the problem for you.ADSLNerd, the design concept of a motherboard is to value its users to the max of their ability.

Im still awaiting a reply from Jack from Asus, as this is extremely strange.Well perhaps you should WIM Jack and see if he has any other suggestions.How to Enable PCI Express 3.0 Bus Speeds. I have confirmed that this will not work with Intel C600. External PCI Express slots on Laptops.Hi Guys,thanks to the help of ADSLNerd, this problem is replicated and is in progress of getting resolved via BIOS update.All using the on-board controller, not the third party one which are a different colour.

I changed the slot to the lower PCI-E connector and the card shows and works perfectly, however later he will be using SLI and needs it to use the top PCI-E slot.

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I tried to put the Sound Blaster card in there, but because I have installed the controller fan (included) the sound card wont fit in this slot.Then I went to Ivybridge and got myself the z77-a, and I liked the board, but it was not working. was not working. a PCIe card into the x1 slot.Yes 1405 was installed last night, still no PCI Express 1 config options.In effect the slot is getting enough power to light up the LED on Soundblaster Sound Card but not enough to make any card actually function.During the installation I heard the sound card ticking as it gets detected by the software.

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Z77 Extreme6. Premium Gold. - 2 x PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots (PCIE2/PCIE4: single at x16. - 2 x SATA3 6.0 Gb/s connectors by Intel ® Z77, support RAID (RAID.ASUS has launched 12 different motherboard models based on the Intel Z77 chipset.As for Asus, There should be a disclaimer on the box and packaging regarding this as its very important.For the fact the reseller did not know the instructions that Asus gave me as the manufacturer really raises some questions, yet the instructions Asus gave me also failed to rectify the issue.

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Check back regularly for your fill of RamCity. others with a free PCIe 2.0 x2 or higher slot will work and boot with both. will not work with a PCIe x4 M.