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A C library (and CFFI Python Interface) for simulated annealing.An interface to ISLEX, a pronunciation dictionary with stress markings.

A Django reusable app providing the ability for admin users to create their own forms and report on their collected data.Define content fragments in Django templates and store their contents in the database.

Coopr interfaces to the COIN-OR Optimization Services project.A library for interfacing with one of the most common RFID Access Control System sold in China.

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1200872 1/1/2018 00:26:33 1/1/2018 00:36:54. 1200873 1/1/2018 00:50:42 1/1/2018 01:00:52. 1200875 1/1/2018 01:37:57 1/1/2018 01:46:57. 1200876 1/1/2018 03:53:45.This package allow theme developers to add LESS stylesheets into a Plone site.Flask-MongoEngine is a Flask extension that provides integration with MongoEngine and WTF model forms.A minimal PyPI implementation meant for use behind a firewall.

Sovereign application providing a user-interface to the TNG Enterprise Management System.Explore tensorflow functionality and deep learning fundamentals.GUM is a web application for managing users and groups stored in an LDAP server.Interface between tomographic data collected at various synchtron facilities and tomoPy.A simple lightweight python wrapper for the Azure Bing Search API.Configuration manager for embedded devices, implemented as a reusable django-app.A dummy in-memory cache for development and testing. (Not recommended for production use.).

PET is a collection of scripts that gather informatio about your packages.Python interface for adding figures to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on-the-fly.A generic interface wrapping multiple backends to provide a consistent pubsub API.Mopidy extension to show info on a display and control from it.Gambling Treatment Indicator, Gambling Frequency, Hair Color Text, Identification - Driver License Expiration Date, Identification - Driver License Issuing Authority.Current version works with bottle framework and pymongo however a previous version supported sqlalchemy and other frameworks could be supported.Kalliope is a modular always-on voice controlled personal assistant designed for home automation.A standards-compliant and responsive photoblog web application, written in Python and Django.

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A reusable Django application providing a web interface for MongoDB and a RESTful API Toolkit.A thread-safe queue object which is interchangeable with the stdlib Queue.Installable Plone 3 theme developed to promote World Plone Day 2009 (April 22nd).Interface to the Ghostscript C-API, both high- and low-level, based on ctypes.Python library for submitting jobs to JPRED - A Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Server.Setup Raspberry Pi GPIO pins using a configuration file, not boilerplate.Python API and command line interface for the GA4GH streaming API.This package contains various ionization cross section models.

YAS3FS (Yet Another S3-backed File System) is a Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) interface to Amazon S3.Widgets and admin mixin to display remaining characters in django admin.A program that allows to run other programs only after a set of questions have been correctly answered.

A graphical interface for interacting with running Python processes.Compute the minimal keys for a collection of strings or sequences.LabelImg is a graphical image annotation tool and label object bounding boxes in images.Lightweight queue interfaces with Redis super powers for distributed and non-distributed systems.

Python bindings for Asterisk Manager Interface and Asterisk Gateway Interface.A library which provides a higher level interface for creating and formatting timestamps.Python DSL for setting up business intelligence rules that can be configured without code.Python interface for CmdMessenger arduino serial communication library.An anti-Pythonic declarative strict interface definition and validation system.A simple and basical Pygame library for fast develop of menu interfaces.Perform one or more actions if someone performed a login, e.g. to the admin interface.